A puzzle

I am about to start making my fourth assessment piece for C&G. It has to be a wall hanging inspired by the natural world. As I said in my last post I didn’t want to do anything too realistic, rather something more abstract. I also decided that I didn’t want to do any more appliqué for the moment. So that left piecing of one type or another.

I decided on my source of inspiration and drew a number of small sketches. This weekend I have made a full size cartoon of the one I’ve chosen to make up as a quilt. It took much longer than I thought. First of all I used a grid to enlarge the small sketch into a full size rough. When it was up to full size it became apparent that some tweaking was going to be necessary. Having done all this I then went over the finished design with a black gel pen so that it was easy to see. I still need to do a half size cartoon to try out the colour scheme. I wasn’t feeling too motivated this weekend. It was quite nice weather and it seemed too good to spend all the time indoors. So I haven’t made as much progress as I should have, but hey this is my life and this C&G course is supposed to be a hobby not a prison sentence 🙂

Here is my full sized cartoon. Any ideas as to what it represents?

natural puzzle

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