Artist #8 Quilt #8

I uploaded my entry to the Text on Textiles exhibition a couple of days ago – with only a week left until closing. I was assigned artist and quilt number 8. Last year I was artist #39 and quilt #149. Unless a lot of quilters are leaving everything to the very last minute or submitting their entries by post there doesn’t seem to be a lot of interest in this exhibition this year. I’m beginning to wonder if it will even take place.

The weather wasn’t co-operating and rained most of the time so that we weren’t able to get the photos taken outside. We ended up shifting the furniture around in the lounge, opening the terrace doors and hanging the quilt inside the room near the doors. My long suffering DH photographer had to stand out in the soaking wet bushes to get far enough away to get the full sized image of the quilt. And then I had problems uploading the images to the website, probably due to our useless “high”/low speed internet access. I hope it will have been worth all the stress to get finished that comes on top of all the other stress due to (we hope) imminent removal projects. (Half the house contents into a small flat for me here in DE and half the house contents to our new home in ES.)

If all plans do come to fruition this may well be the last large quilt I make for some time. I shall have to find a more portable form of creative expression to keep me occupied in my evenings and weekends without visits.

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