At the risk of being repetitive…

here is another link to an article about the Quilts 1700-2010 exhibition at the V&A. This time the article appeared on the Daily Mail website. The quilt referred to was made by a group of Girl Guides at the Changi prisoner of war camp in Singapore. One of the girls involved in the making, Olga Henderson, went to see the quilt at the exhibition.

Mrs Henderson last saw the 6ft by 3ft patchwork coverlet more than 65 years ago. But yesterday, now aged 78 and a widow, she was reunited with it at the Victoria & Albert Museum, where it takes pride of place at the heart of a new exhibition.

Today, when we have access to so many products to use for quilting and quilting has become a huge industry pandering to our wishes for more, more, more, it is sobering to read such stories. We should probably all think twice before we spend ever more money on ever more stuff. Many times I have found the same thing cheaper at a non-quilting supplier. I also try to use what I have before buying new. With a bit of imagination things can be transformed and utilised.

If, like me, you are probably not going to make it to the exhibition the catalogue would seem to be the next best thing. This review on Whipup makes a convincing case for buying it, should you need one:

Every now again a book comes past my desk that just makes me want to sing its praises to the world

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