Autumn harvest

I’ve had an arrangement of nuts, picked up on one walk just up the road from us, sitting on the dresser waiting to be included in my sketchbook. I was actually thinking of doing something different this week – something more along the lines of a collage, but then I discovered Geni’s new blog Moving Fibers where she is journalling about her Creative Quiltmaking course with the Kemshalls. In particular her posts about exploring greys and from colours to greys inspired me to have a go at using just pencil to sketch the fruits and nuts.

It was a lot harder than I expected. Geni made it look so easy. In particular I found the light areas difficult to get right. I tried not to do much rubbing out so what you see is pretty much exactly what happened when I put pencil to paper. I am finding that drawing is really making me stop and look at things in much more detail. Maybe using a pencil instead of tearing up bits of paper is a very good exercise for me right now. Getting my eye trained to appreciate the minutiae.

Here is my little collection displayed on a piece of bark that I picked up to carry it all home on. I started off trying to include the bark in the sketches too, but that was a bit too challenging for working in just grey so I left it out as I continued to work.

I don’t know what the nuts/seeds are in front of the Constantinople hazelnut. They were difficult to draw as they got lost in my bark background.

I found it hard to get the depth of field right in the horse chestnut husks. They have such lovely rounded cavities, but I didn’t do them justice in my sketching.

This sketchbook is all about my journey of discovery in using a sketchbook. I’m not sure that will be apparent to the people who might look at it once it joins the collection. I don’t have the space in the little journal to write all this stuff that I am putting up on my blog. Pity really, but I hope they enjoy it anyway.


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