Big clue

Well no-one came up with any ideas as to what my wall hanging was going to be, so here is another big clue.

The full size cartoon for the wall hanging is rather daunting and is up on my design wall looking at me accusingly. Today I decided that avoiding it was not going to be a productive strategy and sat down and made the half size colour cartoon. I think I am in avoidance mode because I’m not at all sure now how to go about making this. I know I should be sampling now, but just don’t seem to be able to get started. None of my ideas seem to fit to the shapes that I now have in the design.

I am thinking in terms of selecting an area of the design and then trying out various ways of piecing it. My ideas are:
– to try out “half square triangles”, but now with curving sides
– to try out strip pieced diamonds, again now with curved sides
– to try just cutting out the shapes as they are and sewing them together
Should I be doing the sampling at full size or half size? I hate to use up loads of material on sampling so I sometimes do a smaller piece than the finished item. But maybe here I should be doing it all full sized. I don’t know. Any suggestions? I’m just dithering about here finding excuses to do something else 🙂

Here is the colour scheme. I am still intending to do some shibori dyeing for the background – hence the marks on the background pieces.
colour scheme

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