Black and white #2 is hung

The quilt actually got hung twice. First of all I made the sleeve and sewed it to the back and the same evening DH&CP cut a baton to size and banged some nails in the wall. That was Wednesday evening. On Thursday I realised that I hadn’t made a label for the back. So Thursday evening I made a label and attached it to the back. This is always a rather fraught operation, because I print the details onto PFD cotton ironed onto freezer paper and then feed into my Epson Stylus printer. If I am lucky it will print first time. Thursday was not my lucky day and the printer chewed up the first piece I tried to print on. Unfortunately the printer is not the most user friendly device when it comes to clearing paper jams.

The second attempt on a new piece of freezer paper was a success, but as I was pressing under the seam allowances I realised that I had put the date as 2012. DH&CP had made an obtuse remark about 2012, which did not register with me when I was still at the printing on paper stage. At this point I decided that the starting date for the quilt was good enough and not the completion date. I wasn’t about to go through the whole edit and pdf and fight the printer process again.

Here are a couple of photos of both black and white quilts hung together over the guest beds.

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