Celtic knot design

After trying out some traditional sashiko designs on paper I came to the conclusion something else was needed. A continuous design was going to cause untold headaches with the construction, so I turned my thoughts to a four petalled flower. From there my thoughts roamed to arabic tiling and mosaics, but that was getting more complex rather than simpler. So I’ve ended up at a celtic knot design. I had two alternatives, but having sewn a sample of the simpler celtic knot design, I realised that this was all the complexity it could take. I also noticed I’d crossed one pair of strands the wrong way in the original quarter design template so that got remedied too.

I now have a design that looks complex but actually only has two lines of stitching crossing over the diagonals. Which gives me some leeway for the folding.

Design sketches

Once I’d stitched the sample I realised that I was going to need a stitching template so that the stitches align correctly without any ugly joins. That’s on the right.

stitching sample

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