Celtic knot purse

I’m a bit concerned. I sent the photos of my proof of concept to my tutor and this was her reply:

This looks fine, it will work, you just need to be very, very accurate.

Well I’m done now and I’ve sent off the photos to get her feedback. I hope she is going to be satisfied. The purse isn’t perfect but I think it is good enough. I do believe that

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

but I’m not a perfectionist. I don’t have the staying power necessary for that.

BTW: You can see a slide show if you click on any thumbnail.

Update 09.03.2009: I’ve been given the OK on the purse. It was good enough. Phew!


Celtic knot purse — 3 Comments

  1. This is lovely Ruth,
    Your stitching [esp] on the blue shows up beautifully
    and I think the pics of the purse unfolding are great.
    It seems like something I might see and buy from my favourite international fair trade shop , Ten Thousand Villages.

  2. Thanks Linda. The kudos for the photos goes to my husband. He takes most of the photos and definitely all the technically challenging ones. I’ve enough to do with the stitching 🙂