Colour Vortex is going on its travels …

… I hope. I received an email on Friday asking me to give my permission for the quilt to leave the country (USA).

We have an opportunity to send your quilt Colour Vortex overseas to be exhibited at the Open European Quilt Championships in the Netherlands during May 2011. This event does not interfere with the quilt being exhibited at our Cincinnati or Long Beach festivals; it is an additional date on the tour.

I replied accepting of course. I was quite amused that I had to give my assent to it leaving the country – as it is actually a “foreigner” in the US, but I suppose most of the quilts were from the states. I hope I will be able to go and see it in Veldhoven, if the exhibit does make it to the Netherlands. I would love to see the other quilts in the Text on Textiles exhibit.

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