Colour Vortex

Well a 2 1/2 year journey has come to an end. I finished my final assessment piece for my C&G Certificate last weekend. We had to wait until this weekend to get some decent light for photographing as I only sewed the last stitch in the evening of Easter Monday.

I have to admit that when the quilt top was finished I didn’t feel as happy about the outcome as with my Reflections piece. Although I had done what I set out to do, I felt a slight sense of disappointment. I think the Reflections quilt is a very powerful design and making a direct comparison is probably unfair. Reflections has a direct visual impact, but there are not so many details to surprise and delight when you get in close.

Colour Vortex

Colour vortex has a visual impact that is perhaps not so instantly compelling, but I think the quilt has more details to discover when you move in closer. You only discover then that the piecing comprises hexagons and triangles (albeit not straight-edged) and that these piece together to form stars. The quilting is discernible as writing from a distance, but to read all the text you need to get in closer, because the colour of the threads is chosen to fade into either the light or dark fabric.

I could still improve on the quality of my quilted writing, but my piecing is very accurate, my hand sewing is tidy and hardly visible. I achieved the effects I wanted in the composition – the colours increase in saturation as they move in towards the focal point. The rings of colour are well matched so that the shades of colour do form cohesive rings. I enjoy the slight imperfections around the black circle as I believe this adds some tension to the design without which it would be too bland and predictable.

I gave myself a challenge with this piece. I attempted things I hadn’t done before – like the quilted writing – instead of staying within my comfort zone. I think I have shown that I understand the use of colour and can accurately evaluate the values of colours. I could have taken an easier option and produced a quilt that was of a higher standard of workmanship in all areas, but I chose the learning experience over familiarity.

Summing up, this quilt is one that will stand up to closer scrutiny (despite having one error in the quotes, that I noticed too late and chose to leave in, as attempting to remedy it would have left lasting marks on the quilt top) and can stand on its own merits next to Reflections.

Within the next few days I shall be adding a gallery of photos for this quilt. Come back later a take a closer look!

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