Developing a personal style

I’m not doing much making of art at the moment, but I am thinking about it. One thing I’ve been pondering is how you find a personal style. I personally think it is more than just producing a series of works that all resemble one another to a certain degree. Imho the one is sometimes mistaken for the other. I should like to develop a recognizable style, but am not drawn to creating a series of works on a particular theme. Perhaps I’ve just not found the right theme yet. But anyway I’m sure there is more to it than that.

Although it would be nice to find a short cut to this goal, all the reading I have been doing makes it clear that the only way forward is to keep producing art. Even if it is sometimes more of an onerous task than something that is always enjoyable. So once again all points towards getting into the studio and just working on something.

I didn’t find a vast amount of literature out there on the subject of achieving your personal style. It seems to be a subject that doesn’t attract a lot of comment or advice. I found one excellent article though, that really resonated with me as to what is meant by personal style. It is written by the photographer Alain Briot and published on the site The Luminous Landscape. It is actually the final article in a series of four. All of them are worth reading. (I found them a bit tiring to read online as the site chooses to use white text on a black background. Can’t understand why this is so popular.) If you like the South West of the USA then you will also love his photos of the area, which can be seen on his personal website.

Before I found the article by Alain Briot I came across these eight articles on the Helium website. They may be of interest too, although much as I would like to think that by doing a few exercises, as suggested in some of these articles, you can short cut a route to your own style, I can’t help thinking this is just wishful thinking. A bit like all the How to Get Rich Quick books – more of a scam and a way to for the authors to get rich fast than a reality.

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