Drawing Lab – 52 ways to have fun

Amazon recently suggested to me that the book Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun by Carla Sonheim might be of interest to me. I am usually rather sceptical when the suggestions are to do with drawing, as it isn’t anything I feel particularly good at, and to date no book has really taken my fancy. This one was different. Especially when I read in one of the reviews that the first exercise was to get into bed and draw cats. What more of a recommendation can I need? My favourite place and my favourite animal combined in one exercise. So I placed my order and the next day the book arrived. The other exercises seem to be as much fun too.

So today I hopped into bed again with some fine felt tip pens and a small sketch book and started drawing cats. A couple of days ago I did spend some time looking at photos of cats on the internet. (I don’t have one of my own yet …) It is amazing how many horrible photographs of cats there are out there on the web. Poor cats draped in scarves, wearing silly hats, adorned with bit of orange peel – where do people get their ideas from? Well anyway my research was a bit fraught, but the results are ok. Some sketches are a bit off – my mandarin chinese cat was supposed to be a cross and spitting cat, but there you go. Not every one is a winner!

Here are my five pages of cats in chronological order:

And here are two cats that I feel are quite good sketches:

I couldn’t make up my mind whether to go for a realistic sketch of a cat or a more comic approach. Apart from some painting exercises on my C&G course I’ve not done any drawing since I left school and I was never one of the star pupils in the art classes. For a first attempt I think the results are nothing to be ashamed of. Follow me on my journey of 52 weeks of fun with drawing.


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  1. I just read your comment on Elizabeth Barton’s blog and wanted to check out your blog. This book looks interesting as I have been trying to slowly teach myself to draw better. I will keep an eye on your 52 lessons and will definitely check out this book. I have also just started a local surface design book and I’ll look forward to seeing more of your work in that direction as well.