Finished and then finished again

I thought I had the quilt top for my final assessment piece finished. I had sewn all the spirals together and filled in the hole with the black circle. It was all pressed and ready to be admired on the design wall, but my eyes kept sliding off the black focal point to an annoying dark purple triangle just below. Grrrr!!

Finished once

The offending piece

This morning my eyes were still misbehaving, so I had to bite the bullet and take out the offending piece and add a new one that was less distracting. I can’t understand why I didn’t spot it before, but I suppose the white gaps didn’t help and also, of course, the black was missing. Although the original piece did have some texture to it, it didn’t show up from afar and the colour was too flat as well as too dark.

This shows the new improved quilt top. I know that there are bits around the black, which are a bit jaggedy too, but I didn’t want a completely prefect blend. I felt that would be a bit too bland. I like the slight imperfections. Around the black they are not too distracting and do not draw the eye too far away from the focal point. As they are balanced on each side the eye tends to flit backwards and forwards and so remains in the right area. That’s my theory anyway and I’m sticking to it (for now!).

Finished twice

Problem solved

To attach the black circle I first drew a circle the correct size on some freezer paper and then ironed the cut out template onto the black fabric and cut around with a generous seam allowance. After clipping out little triangles all around the circle in the seam allowance, I pressed the allowance back over the paper template. With the template still attached I centred the circle from the wrong side of the quilt top, with the circle underneath, and pinned it in place. From the right side I hand sewed it in place using stab stitch like in needle-turn appliqué, adjusting where necessary to get the best placement. (Another good reason not to start faffing about getting fussy about the colours near the focal point 🙂 ) When all was sewn and pressed I removed the freezer paper and voilà an almost perfect circle that I could not have achieved with machine piecing. Sometimes hand sewing is unavoidable.

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