Colour Vortex

    This is my final assessment piece for my City & Guilds Certificate. One of the original sources of inspiration was a series of portraits in a magazine article, where the photos faded from colour images to black and white. The idea appealed to me. The lyrics from the Elton John song Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me kept buzzing around my head too: \"I can’t light no more of your darkness All my pictures seem to fade to black and white” I also wanted to use hexagons as the basis of the piece, as I like them as a shape and find there are lots of interesting designs one can make with them. Out of these initial ideas my colour vortex was born.


    This is my wall hanging assessment piece for my City and Guilds Certificate. The brief stated that \"this assessment item can use any patchwork, applique or quilting technique, or combination of techniques and is to be inspired by the natural world.\" I decided I would like to do something that was pieced rather than use appliqué methods and I wanted it to be abstract rather than realistic. After a lot of googling for inspiration and looking through my own photos I finally decided on doing something based on reflections in water. I like the work of Escher and I had visited the Escher museum in Den Haag when I was on business there in November 2008. I saw the woodcut Three Worlds in the exhibition. Soon after I visited the Peter Doig exhibition at the Schirn Gallery in Frankfurt and found that a recurring theme in the paintings was reflections on water. One of them reminded me of Escher\'s Three Worlds. So that was the final inspiration for choosing my theme as being Reflections.

    Freedom Exhibition 2009, Forge Mill Needle Museum

    These are images from the Freedom Exhibition at the Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch. The exhibition displays the work of the finalists for the Charles Henry Foyle Award for Stitched Textiles in 2009.

    Mental Jail Break

    These are photos of my submission for the Charles Henry Foyle Trust Award for Stitched textiles on the theme of Freedom. We see many real and imagined constraints on our freedom: not enough time, too many family responsibilities, fear of making mistakes, fear of breaking the Rules, fear of leaving our comfort zone. If we can break free of these restraints we can achieve our personal goals, reach our full potential. The box represents the walls we build around ourselves, of perceived obstacles in our path to personal success, but the stability of the box is an illusion. Open the lid and the facade falls down. The doll, our alter ego, is released from her self-imposed prison to blossom in her own true colours. Cube with sides of 25 cm, my own hand dyed cotton fabric, commercially printed cotton fabrics, wool bouclé fabric, crocheted lace, knitting wool, ribbons, braids, beads

    Black and White

    The idea for this quilt came from the conundrum \"What\'s black and white and read all over?\". I heard this from my Granny when I was a little girl. The answer of course is a newspaper, but I have interpreted the phrase a little differently in this quilt.

    Blue and Green

    This quilt is actually called "Blue and Green should never be seen". It was made as part of the course work for the class Self Expressions at Quilt University. We were to make a quilt about ourselves. I'm not going to reveal all the intimate details as to how the assignment produced this quilt, but along the way I decided to use blue and green as the predominant colours in the quilt. While thinking about it, the adage "Blue and green should never be seen" that my Mum used to say, popped into my head and became the title. Ths quilt is made from a mixture of commercial and hand dyed cottons. It measures 28 x 42 inches.

    Faces and Masks

    This is a series of small quilts on the theme of faces and masks.


    These quilts are small quilts exploring the idea of texture. The idea developed from making the quilts \"Farbenfroh\" and \"Africa meets Amish\" both of which have a lot of visual and real texture.


    Farbenfroh means colourful in German. It is a composite word from Farben meaning colours and froh meaning happy, cheerful. This quilt is certainly a cheerful, colourful quilt and that made it a good name for it. The backing is a piece of my hand dyed fabric. The quilt is 44 x 35 inches, made from hand dyed fabric and commercial cotton prints. I have recently rebound this quilt. It is now properly squared up and has straight edges. I decided it was just laziness having the wobbly edges and didn\'t add anything to the design. The quilt hasn\'t been photographed again since then.

    Compass Rose

    Compass Rose is made entirely from fabric that I hand dyed myself. Various techniques were used in the dyeing including low immersion dyeing, spraying and discharge with bleach spray. The center is composed of 2 Mariner\'s Compasses and 2 Spinning Stars decomposed and rearranged. The blocks are continued into the border with machine quilting where appropriate. The quilt is 44 x 44 inches and is heavily machine quilted.

    Bursting out

    This quilt is the result of another QU class with Dena Crain called Reflections. The class is about quilt design based on reflections of an initial half or quarter design. The quilt Bursting Out is my original design. It is 28 x 19 inches, pieced from commercial prints and hand dyed cotton, machine quilted and embellished with beads, ribbon, cord and feathers.

    Africa meets Amish

    This is another quilt made in a QU class. I decided to call this quilt \"Africa meets Amish\" because the layout is the centred square layout used in lots of Amish quilts and some of the fabrics were African prints, which I had been wanting to use in a quilt. When I read that Dena was teaching from Kenya, her class seemed to me to be the right use for my fabrics. The quilting designs are based on motifs from African woven cloth. As this was only the fourth quilt I made I am really proud of the finished results. The quilt is 36 x 36ins, made from commercial cotton prints and machine quilted using Madeira rayon embroidery thread.

    Earlier Work

    This album contains some of my earlier work. These were made primarily to learn particular techniques. As you can see from the other albums I have started to find my own style now.