Hexagon spirals

After feedback from Marie I have decided to go with the idea of spirals and colours fading to black and white. When I saw the sketches up on the computer screen, even before any comments from Marie, my instinct was to go with the spirals. As Marie pointed out – the metamorphosis ideas, which were influenced by Escher’s tessellations have been done before. I got a little side-tracked from my intention to go with my own designs and ideas.

One of the original sources of inspiration was a series of portraits in a magazine article, where the photos faded from colour images to black and white. The idea appealed to me. The lyrics from the Elton John song Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me kept buzzing around my head too:

I can’t light no more of your darkness
All my pictures seem to fade to black and white

I also wanted to use hexagons as the basis of the piece, as I like them as a shape and find there are lots of interesting designs one can make with them. Of course I did a bit of googling for images to get some inspiration too, but I didn’t come up with that many interesting images with hexagons. It would seem others are not so inspired by them 🙂

This is the current state of play:

It is still quite a rough sketch, but I have the dimensions sorted out now ready to do a full sized cartoon. The finished piece will be a 30 inch square. I intend using my own hand dyed cotton fabrics again, with the exception of the black, where I will use commercially dyed fabric. They can get the best blacks I think. I’ve not had much success at dyeing black, so why bother when you can get a better colour ready dyed. The colours are arranged in the order of the colours of the rainbow, but I have combined the blue and indigo into one spiral.

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