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I also did some printing with a freezer paper stencil. I made the design using the ideas in the article Expanded Square by Jane Dunnewold in Quilting Arts June/July 2007. The article just popped into my head when I was looking for inspiration for my freezer paper stencil. It was something I had been wanting to try out for some time – just hadn’t found the right medium for it up to now.

This is my original design made following the instructions in the article.

I transferred the design to freezer paper, cut out the right bits (not as easy as you might think – to cut out the correct pieces I mean) and then ironed it all onto the back of my frame:

Freezer paper is good for designs with floating bits like mine, but it’s quite a faff to get them ironed on – mine even went wrinkly on the frame as you can see, but that didn’t have negative effects on the printing, which surprised me.
These are printed using Jacquard Professional printing ink. This was my second attempt using the Jacquard ink. I used it for the first torn newspaper prints and found it a bit hard to use, being quite thick. After a bit of practice with thinner fabric paint I went back to it and found it easier to use.

The yellow background fabric might be familiar to some of you – even more use for the remains of an old bed sheet – I needed something quickly to do some more prints and it was to hand!

My conclusion for freezer paper stencils – good for some designs, but be sure it’s worth the effort.

My final printing results from the weekend were made using a plastic document sleeve. I didn’t have any tacky back (contact paper) or Mask-Ease so I used what I had in the house and fixed the plastic to the frame with masking tape. The design is hacked together from parts of a design from a much bigger stencil meant for stencilling walls 😉 Here I was using the Jacquard printing ink in yellow. The first one the frame moved a bit before I did the second pass so that it is a double image. Then I did another one and added some of the blue/purple leftovers of fabric paint using my finger and finally the whole lot got mixed up again in the last image.

This was one of my favourite results from the whole session over the weekend:

I like the idea of adding a bit of colour with your finger – but you only get to do this once 🙁 unless you wash the screen between each print. Once the colours start mixing as in my final print above then the effect of finger blending is lost.

Another thing I learnt is that it is probably best to buy more colours of paint or ink for printing – I only bought red, blue, yellow and white, because I do all my dyeing with red, blue and yellow and I hadn’t realised that you can return the surplus ink to the pots – not such a good idea when you’ve been playing at mixing. I have a weird collection of tubs with cling film lids right now.

I’m looking forward to seeing what we get up to next week.


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