New homes for quilts

We have had time in the last few weeks to start finding homes on our walls for quilts and other pieces of art. I thought I’d share a few photos of them here.

I found it interesting that despite being able to choose again, which of my quilts to hang on the walls, I didn’t decide to hang any of my newer quilts. Although I enjoyed doing my City & Guilds course and learnt quite a lot doing it, during the course I didn’t produce any quilts that I really want to see hanging on my walls and be continually looking at. Even quilts that have been in exhibitions like my Colour Vortex quilt, when it came down to hard choices, did not get a space on the wall. I suppose the moral of the story is that the quilts I made to fit someone else’s constraints are not the ones that really express what I want to be creating. One of my old favourites that never made it onto the wall in our last house, Compass Rose, is now hung on the studio wall behind my sewing table. I’m pleased that it has finally come out of wrappers. Detachment comes with the passing of time and I was able to be more objective about other quilts, so Farbenfroh did not pass muster and has not been hung. It was an interesting experiment and I like the idea behind it, but at the end on the day the actual execution did not make the grade.

So far we only have one other picture on the wall and 3 family photographs. When you don’t have so much wall space it is hard to decide what pictures should get hung again. DH and I agreed easily enough as to which quilts to hang. The other art works are going to take more negotiation before we are agreed. And of course there is some space left on the walls, where some new quilts will find a home once they leave my imagination and become real.

I had to include a photo of the Jesters. I love these faces. We bought them in Devon years ago now. We were worried about the weight of them on plasterboard walls so they are hung in the outside seating area on the terrace, where they blend nicely with the stone walls and delight you when you notice them.

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