Next assignment

My next assignment for an assessment item is to make an accessory. I’ve decided to make a folding purse. It will be continuing my theme of folding. The idea came to me as I looked at the examples in the course notes. One of them reminded me of a little folding coin purse that Sqeze used to have before it fell to bits. I’ve played around with paper models again. The model is 3.5 inches square and that is the size I intend making it. Any smaller and I won’t have any room for the quilting which is to be the major feature of the item and any bigger and it really isn’t a purse any more but a rather strange bag.

The purse is based on an open topped cube. This first photo shows what will be the outer surface of the cube with the folds already in place on the sides of the cube.

outer surface

This second photo shows the inside surface of the cube. The small triangles along the top edge (marked with a T that you may be able to see if you use a magnifying glass 😉 ) will become the top surface of the folded purse.

inner surface

This shows the cube assembled with the T-triangles on the inside.

assembled cube

And finally everything folded down as the closed purse. Notice the Ts are now on the top.

folded purse

The challenge will be to come up with a quilting design that looks good on the side of the purse when it is open and then folds together to make an equally pleasing design on the top. Also the quilting will need to be equally good on both sides of the purse as both surfaces become the focus of attention. I am thinking along the lines of Sashiko quilting but whether it will be a traditional design or something I design myself I’ve not decided. A traditional design would be an easy option, but I would get more gold stars for coming up with my own design, so I’ll have to see if I get some flash of inspiration.

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