No so intimidating

My sketchbook arrived this week. I was surprised at how small the envelope was. I was expecting something a little larger – not having taken any notice of the dimensions mentioned on the project website.

The sketchbook (with the brown cover) is 18 x 13cm – I’m not sure whether I’m pleased or not. On the one hand it certainly isn’t as intimidating as I had expected, to be confronted with blank paper that needs to be filled up. It’s quite a manageable amount. On the other hand for someone who is used to working in an A3 sketchbook, when I do use one, it will be quite a change and probably a challenge to have such a small area to use at one time.

Last night Sqeze found a tiny feather in the bedroom that had found its way in through a cracked open window. So I thought that would be my starting point for “Travel with Me”. My idea is to pick a jumping off point for each set of pages of something that crosses my path during the week. Even it I don’t find anything each week I should be able to fill the pages by the deadline for posting of Jan. 31st, 2012.

As I have fairly limited art supplies in my temporary abode it will also be an exercise in creating within a set of constraints. I’m not planning on buying more supplies to clutter up the flat – I don’t feel comfortable crowded in by “stuff”. I’ll see how I get on and only buy things that I really notice I’m missing.

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