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here on the blog for reasons I mentioned in my previous post, but I had a very productive weekend. Last Thursday was a public holiday here in Germany, so I took the Friday off too and made a long weekend. I spent a large part of each day in the studio and have finished the quilt top for my latest piece. It has a background of different sized squares that I developed directly on the design wall. I had a sketch of where I wanted the main elements of the quilt to be placed, but even there I didn’t force myself to follow it slavishly. I made some alterations as work progressed. I completed the quilt top using fabrics I already had in my stack, which was a relief as I had set myself the goal of finishing the top over the weekend. Had I needed to start dyeing additional fabric, it would have completely thrown my schedule off course.

On Sunday I dyed three metres of fabric for the backing and the binding. So I’m all set up for this coming weekend, when I intend to get started on the quilting. I shall have to take a trip into town on Saturday to stock up on thread as I don’t have all the colours I need. I’m looking forward to that because I’ve found a new shop via the internet that looks very promising. I think it may the same shop I’ve used in the past, but moved into bigger and better premises. After the trip I should be set up with everything I need to complete the quilt. As the coming weekend is also a long one (Monday is another public holiday here in Germany) I’m hoping to make good progress.

It feels good to be working on a large piece of textile art again.

Update (2011-06-11):

Been to the shop this morning. It is the same one as I have used in the past – TOKO Kurzwaren in Frankfurt am Main. They moved to the new premises at the beginning of the year. The new shop is double the area of the old one and also much lighter and airier. They have added some fabrics and buttons to the range of goods they sell. A big improvement – I hope they continue to stay in business.

I spent 57€ on thread a few other bits and pieces that I needed. It’s amazing how it all adds up.

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