Perspective and cubes

I had to draw cubes for various activities in module 5 on Form. It wasn’t a particularly challenging exercise for me but fun anyway. I have been doodling tumbling blocks for years now. When I started at the Girls Grammar school we all had to line up in alphabetical order and then starting from the doorway we were allocated desks in the classroom going up and down the lines of desks. My surname then was Glaze and I was more or less in the middle of the queue of girls. I ended up getting the desk immediately in front of the teacher’s desk which was up on a small podium. On the corner of the desk was the chalk box and on the chalk box was a design just like tumbling blocks. I copied it into my rough book and have been doodling it ever since!

Here is one half of the sketch book page showing the cubes shaded with pencil.

As it is an adjoining page to the collage I made with the same star block I chose to use similar colours. It is painted with acrylic paints and has fabric swatches to show possible fabrics to use if one was to sew it.

I didn’t quite manage to get the same green from the collage with the paints, but I did find fabrics that were a good match to my painting.

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