Pillowcase quilt top finished

This little quilt is taking longer than I expected. I have used almost the entire pillowcase in making the quilt top. There are only a few scraps of the crochet edging and a small piece of the fabric left. I used the cut off selvedge seam as part of the decoration. It adds quite a nice bit of texture. There was quite a lot of hand sewing involved, which I have been doing in the evenings.

Here’s a photo of the entire quilt top. These folding techniques use a lot of fabric. It would have been nice to be able to do all the outer borders the same but the pillowcase just wasn’t big enough to provide all the fabric that would have been necessary.

quilt top from a pillowcase

This detail shows the top right hand corner. I decided to rescue the laundry marks and add them to the quilt. Originally the one mark that is different to the rest had been drawn through with a red thread. Before I decided to add them to the quilt I had already unpicked it though. It would have added a nice little bright spot, but I feel it would be cheating to put it back in again. The laundry marks were of course originally on the inside of the hem and not on display.

corner with laundry marks

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