Playing with ideas

I’ve been doing some design sketches and experimenting with ideas for my final assessment piece for my C&Gs.

Marie, my tutor, had this to say about Reflections

This is the standard of work you have been aiming for, now you have reached a level that you can build on to become the practitioner you hoped that you would become, many congratulations. You have a style here that suits your personality and I agree with your comments on finding your own creative voice.


Now you can start to think about the quilt, you have set yourself a very high standard, I would love to see you push your boundaries even further, you have proved yourself capable of far more than we have seen previously.

So I have to raise the bar for my final piece. My current thoughts revolve around:
– hexagons
– metamorphosis
– colour to black and white

I found a useful resource on the web, where you can produce you own graph paper using various shapes. I used it to make my triangle graph paper for sketching.

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