Printing yardage

These are the results of my printing with my two screens made with drawing fluid and screen filler. I added another set of prints using each screen in a paler colour. I started with the pale orange spirals and decided to overlap them with the first layer of spirals, because other people in the QU class had done this and it worked well. I realised that this created a diagonal line so continued with diagonal spacing with my square design. The second layer of squares is printed in a dark teal blue.

On these screens I have been using Jacquard printing ink made slightly less thick with Setacolor textile paint. I really like the consistency – it gives me the right amount of control and I can scoop up the extra easily too. Using Setacolor textile paint alone that was a problem as it is much runnier, but on my Speedball screen I was getting hardly any colour on the fabric using the Jacquard inks alone – which makes me think that a less dense mesh may be the answer for me. I may order some different size mesh for my Speedball screen. I’ve also using a shorter squeegee and doing two pulls across the screen – each half at a time. Maybe that has been making a difference too.

I’ve now ironed the piece to fix the inks and paint. I’m planning on dyeing the fabric tomorrow to get away from the white background. Someone else in the class dyed her fabric after printing and it worked well, so I’m hoping things turn out well for me too!


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  1. Hola Ruth….hace mucho tiempo que no dejaba un saludo, aunque ha pasado a ver en que nueva tecnica esta trabajanod, no deja de sorprenderme, y me alienta a buscar nuevas cosas que hacer y como darle un toque mas personal a mis trabajos, muchas gracias por compartir sus conocimientos y lo que va aprendiendo.
    Un saludo afectuoso de su amiga de Chile y feliz fin de semana

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