Quilt almost finished

I did manage to almost finish the quilt I was working on – the sister quilt to “Black and White and Red all over”. I finished all the quilting and attached the binding. It was too late and I didn’t have the energy to make and attach a hanging sleeve. I left DH with instructions to take some photos to put up on my blog.

The new design wall was pressed into service.
Quilt on design wall

It was quite hard to come up with a quilting design for the centre area of hexagons composed of triangles. I played with circles, but it was difficult to be accurate and then it started to look a mess. So I went with straight line quilting in the end. So it seemed to be the natural conclusion to continue with lines onto the borders, but boy was that a lot of sewing that had to be done.

Black and White #2

Here is a detail of the centre panel, which is a one-block wonder section using some fabric I bought a good few years ago in Amsterdam that is a print like a comic book.
Comic book one-block wonder

I like the fact that the centre panel fits well to my philosophy that a quilt should allow the viewer to find details to surprise and delight on closer inspection. It’s only close up that you start to see parts of the face of the girl in the comic print.

So on my next visit all I have left to do is attach a hanging sleeve and Black and White #2 can be hung up over the second guest bed.


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