Quilting is “uniquely” good for us

… according to the Daily Mail. They are reporting results published in the Journal of Public Health by the University of Glasgow. The results of the study show that all hobbies, particularly those that promote creativity are good for our well-being. It would seem that quilting helps your cognitive, creative and emotional well-being.

Just as well, as I have just spent another 3 days slaving over the sewing machine, working on my entry for the exhibition “Text on Textile: Words as Design”. I have made good progress. The largest part of the quilting is now done. The results are as I imagined them. Without all the public holidays there are this year in June I would have been hard pushed to complete on time. Now, at the end of the second long weekend this month, I am confident that I will be finished for the submission deadline of July 1st. I feel I have a strong entry. I tried it out on Tess yesterday at the end of our English conversation session and got exactly the reaction I was looking for. So that gave me an added impetus to keep the nose to the grindstone.

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