Rainbows on my studio floor

We had more snow overnight on Saturday and woke to white again on Sunday – not that we had many other colours beforehand except grey and a bit of vegetation finally peeking out. A good day to stay home and get on with my final assessment piece. I pulled all my fabric out onto the floor and started sorting into colour gradations.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I have almost all the colours I need. While I was sorting I found my transfer printing samples from earlier in the course and realised that this will be the ideal way to get the paler tints of blue and yellow that I might need. I’m not really in the mood for hours among the buckets right now, so I was glad that I shall probably get away with no extra dyeing for this piece.

This was the view on the floor in my studio after I had cleared away the fabric that I won’t be using.

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