Reverse appliqué

My next activity for the C&G course was reverse appliqué. I’ve done some on the machine before, but not by hand. Instead of just basing the design on one of my images of lines I decided to make something a bit more challenging. My first place to look for inspiration was the book 1000 Patterns by Drusilla Cole. I’ve mentioned this book before on here. It’s a book I am always referring to. The chrysanthemums in the Japanese section first caught my eye, but then I saw the daffodil in the index. As they are my favourite spring flower and are just starting to come out here in Frankfurt (but not yet in Schmitten!) I changed my mind. Here are my first sketches from last weekend:

flower sketches

During the week I did some browsing around the web and came across these drawings of daffodils. These were another source of inspiration. I also came to the conclusion from looking at some stencils on the web that my original sketches were too complicated. I was fixated on making lines with the reverse appliqué instead of shapes. Having realised that, my final design became much easier to sew.

Here is the finished design:

daffodil design

When my final sketch was finished I realised that I hadn’t really left enough space between the shapes for the edges to be turned under when sewing. So when I traced the design onto vellum to make my template I moved them all out a bit to make room. I used a 2B pencil to trace the design onto the green fabric. I prefer using pencil to the coloured marking pencils. It washes out well, takes a good point and they are a darn sight cheaper than the “quilters marking pencils” 😉 I usually don’t have trouble seeing the pencil lines on most fabrics.

The actual sewing went quickly. I was finished in one evening. No thick paint layer to get the needle through!

finished daffodil appliqué

And here’s a view of the back so that you can admire my stitching 🙂

reverse side

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