Well I gave you the rear view of my latest quilt a couple of weeks ago, so here is the full frontal:

I wrote here about part of the design process. Part of the inspiration for the different coloured images was the work of Andy Warhol. He used some interesting colour schemes in his work. I was particularly taken by the colours in the portrait of Maurice. Of course the four panel effect is also a direct take from Warhol too.

The panels are constructed using the fused appliqué technique. It is a useful technique for collaging with small pieces of fabric, but I don’t really like the way the finished piece becomes quite stiff. I am using Steam-a-Seam, which I can buy here in Frankfurt, and not one of the newer lighter fusible webs. So maybe I would be happier with the results, if I used a different product, but I’m not really sure that it is a technique I want to use extensively. I have found that the needle on the machine gets gunged up with bits of the glue and that you get permanent needle holes in the fabric when quilting, which don’t disappear with time.

I’m not sure how this piece fits in with my other quilts. It seems to me to be quite a departure in style if not in colour. Still I had fun making it.


Shadows — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Ruth,
    I like your “Shadows”; both design and colours are very appealing.
    You did a great job on the hand-dyeing too!
    If you are looking for a fusible with a softer hand, you could try these:

    – Steam-A-Seam Lite

    – Wonder Under (USA) or the European version Vliesofix from Vlieseline Vilene,

    I found and ordered the vliesofix on-line in Germany.
    Melody Johnson has a great tutorial how she uses it at her blog:

    – Misty Fuse (almost invisible on the back of sheers)
    3CreativeStudios has a nice Misty Fuse tip sheet at:

    geni (from the QU course)