Sketches for the series

Having done a lot of exercises looking at artists who work in series and thinking about my own quilts I like best I realised a few things. I looked at the quilts I feel most happy about to see if there are themes lurking in among them. Two themes I can find without much looking, as I have two mini series that I feel I could continue to pursue. I have made two quilts that are a contemporary interpretation of Amish quilt designs – the centre square and the centre diamond. The other is a series of 3 small quilts of abstract faces similar to the Jawlensky heads and also a mask. Both are areas that I feel I still have ideas to work on.

After some more thought and revisiting my favourite quilt artists I realised that I am more drawn to non-realistic than realistic or abstract themes, so I hardened up my ideas and started to concentrate on squares and grids. I felt this was a bit wider than just Amish quilt designs and had more possibilities to make it my own. I worked for a couple of days on a mind map, which turned out pretty huge. Elizabeth said I had enough ideas that I was set up with a series of series! Here is a brief summary of the mind map. The main branches are

  • Amish layouts
  • colour schemes
  • quadrilaterals (all shapes that have 4 sides)
  • designing my own block (dividing the square with lines)
  • ideas for variation in the squares – lots of sub-branches here – exploring texture, colour, adding layers
  • other ideas (looking at tartans, de-constructing grids, …)
  • quick look at elements of design

Then along came the next lesson with various exercises for working on your ideas to arrive at potential designs. One of them was to go out with a camera and look for images that correspond to your theme. Since it was such a nice weekend we decided to get outdoors and enjoy the weather. An hour of walking around in Bad Homburg looking for grids and squares resulted in over 100 images. I chose a few of them and printed them out in black and white. Today I set about simplifying the images into sketches that might be worth translating into fabric. It wasn’t as easy as I thought and some of the images that looked interesting as photographs, became quite boring when reduced to a line drawing.

Here are my the results of a few hours work this afternoon.

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