Slow progress

My design class has finished at QU this week. I have a design that I am working on, but progress is very slow. I really don’t have the energy at the moment to be in the studio. Also as we now have the house on the market we have to try and keep it reasonably tidy and presentable in case someone wants to view. It is rather inhibiting as I usually just live with the chaos when I’m in the process of making a quilt top – not really an option any more.

I know all the wise ones say you should just keep going and doing a little bit. So I did a very little bit yesterday. I put together all the green fabric I have excluding commercial prints and the reds and purple red. I find it easy to put the reds and pinks into a colour gradation in order of value. The greens are much harder. I laid them out on the floor (fabric and the floor seem to work for me) and took a photo of each set. I then converted to black and white on the computer. I got the reds right, but the greens were a little more hit and miss. It is surprising how the bright greens turn out to be quite dark in value in the black and white image. I find it hard to believe somehow, but I guess the computer doesn’t lie – what’s in it for it?

The idea is to sort the fabrics according to value and then use fabric from each pile according to the value required from the value studies that we produced. It will be interesting to see how this method works. It makes sense to me and it is something I haven’t consciously thought about for the quilts I’ve made up to now.

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