Spirals are taking shape

I had a productive last two weekends and have made good progress on the quilt top for my spirals quilt. The coloured spirals are now completed and each colour sewn together. It’s starting to look like a quilt on my design wall. After a break of a week I felt there may be pieces that needed replacing. As I was making up small blocks of colour each comprised of three pieces sewn together I was under no pressure to make an instant decision. I decided to carry on with the fabrics that I had and watch how it developed. By the end of Saturday I was pretty sure that some bits had to be swapped out. One of the orange pieces was too dark, but my problem was I hadn’t anything better. I pondered the problem overnight and then decided to see if I could get a good value using transfer printing.

I had papers ready prepared still from the exercise on transfer printing earlier in the course. So after finishing the ironing on Sunday morning I got them out and had a go. I had yellow and red papers. I started off with the yellow. It seemed to take ages to get any colour to come off and transfer itself to the fabric. Luckily the red was more co-operative. I made a very good match – the advantage of this process being that you can keep looking at the result and then iron on some more colour as required. I also tried to make some green, but it turned out too grassy. Luckily I wasn’t really pushed for suitable green fabric.

This is the view on my design wall now:

When sewing the smaller pieces together that had been assembled using foundation piecing, I realised that they were too stiff with the “stitch n tear” still attached. So I cut around the foundation until I had the foundation as a template for the finished piece and then traced around the outline with pencil or tailor’s chalk to give myself sewing lines. I then removed all the “stitch n tear” before sewing the bits together.

This piece shows the orange fabric that I produced using transfer printing. It’s the largest piece of “real” orange in the photo.

This final image shows how far I was at the beginning of this weekend. The offending piece of orange fabric is the outermost orange hexagon. Not only was the colour off on this piece, but the printed lines on the fabric really didn’t match well with the other mainly hand dyed fabrics. Not all of the fabrics I used are my own hand dyed fabrics, but where I did use commercial fabrics they didn’t have definite patterns on them.

I think I can be pleased with progress to date. The next biggest headache is going to be how to quilt it. I’ve no really good idea as yet.

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