Story of a Design Wall

In my old studio I had a moderation board on castors that I used as a design wall. Apart from the fact that the castors got mounted incorrectly, so that the brakes were both on the same side of the board and it never could be made to stay in one place of its own accord, it served me well. It came with us to Spain, but unfortunately it was damaged in the move. At the time we didn’t give it much thought, but got rid of it. It took up a lot of space in the room and so it went. We didn’t really consider what would replace it. Ideas came and went, but the design wall did not materialise.

As I mentioned in my last post. I am currently working on a new quilt and am missing my design wall. Even a battered one would be better than none at all. I started off with a design table:
Design Table
The problem with a table is that you can’t get far enough away to see the big picture. Enter the design steps:
That was better, but the design table is also my cutting table and I needed the space for cutting. So I improvised by clamping my Clover Design Layout Sheet to the book cases in the office side of our combined office / studio:
It’s more like a design curtain than a design wall and I had to pin the piece to the cloth as it didn’t want to stick, but it’s a definite improvement.

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