Text on Textiles 2010

Big grins are turning me into a Cheshire Cat. Last night I received notification that my Colour Vortex quilt has been selected for inclusion in the special exhibit Text on Textiles 2010. It will be one of 31 quilts in the exhibit, which will premiere at International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston. The exhibit will also travel in 2011 to various International Quilt Festival and Market sponsored shows. The current schedule includes the following shows:

• International Quilt Market/Houston, October 30 – November 1, 2010 (not open to the public)
• International Quilt Festival/Houston, November 4 – 7, 2010 (open to the public)
• International Quilt Festival/Cincinnati, April 8 – 10, 2011 (open to the public)
• International Quilt Festival/Long Beach, July 29 – 31, 2011 (open to the public)

This has given me a nice boost to my confidence. Maybe I’ll be back in the studio soon too. I’ve started thinking about my next piece for our Use Your Eyes challenge on Shadows. Small steps taken!

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