Text on Textiles 2011

The first news I received this morning on opening my eyes was that my entry for the Text on Textiles juried exhibition has been chosen as one of 26 finalists. DH&PA was reading email in the small hours of the night. That was good news at the end of a week that hasn’t exactly been full of it. The sun is shining too so my spirits have risen somewhat, after having been seriously crushed. Without going into all the boring details it looks like I shall be looking for a new contract in the short term future – just goes to show you should never count your chickens before they are hatched. Assured work until the end of 2013 was really too good to be true.

Anyway back to the positive things in life. The TOT exhibition will be shown at all three of the IQA events in Houston, Cincinnati, and Long Beach in 2011 and 2012. Other venues may follow. The quilt will be on its travels for 3 years. That makes it rather tricky giving a return address as I’m not sure where I will be in September 2014. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

No pictures allowed until its debut in the exhibit at the festival, but I thought I would give a little teaser describing the design process. I decided to explore the idea of words as a design element quite literally. My inspiration came as a result of taking the course Working in Series with Elizabeth Barton at QU where I learnt about Notan, the Japanese concept involving the play and placement of light and dark next to the other. I explored the balance of the positive and negative shapes in letters and words. (The importance of the negative space in design was also something Elizabeth mentioned in the classes.) I developed my own alphabet font with the intention that the viewer should be uncertain which shape is the positive and which the negative. At first glance the words should not be instantly recognizable.

I think that is all I can say now and not give anything away. It’s such a shame that the venues are across the pond as that almost certainly means I won’t get to see the exhibit. I haven’t seen the 2010 one either and have been unable to find any mention or images much on the www. In the end we didn’t make the trip the Open European Quilt Exhibition in the Netherlands, because there was never any mention on the website that the exhibit was going to be shown there. It would have been interesting to see how the other artists approached the theme of text on textiles. The positive side is that it left me with no pre-conceived notions when I started off on the design process for my 2011 entry.

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