Thermofax Screenprinting

Well my new duct tape finally arrived. It turned out it was sent from the UK, so that’s why it took so long to get here. Did I mention that the last lot only survived two sessions of printing before it started detaching itself from the screen? I have taped my screen again with the new tape. I hope this lot lasts longer. (I used the time to give it a few coats of waterproof varnish too. Can’t do any harm.) I am now waiting for the flour paste that I’ve coated onto the back to dry. It is taking its time – and curling up at the edges while it’s about it 🙁 It might be back to the drawing board for that one. I shall have to wait and see.

In the meantime I’ve taped up the thermofax screen that I bought and done some printing.

They are nothing very special. I was a bit disappointed with the screen. I felt that the placement of the leaves was a bit uninspiring. The actual image I thought I had chosen was better. So I was also rather uninspired with my printing and just filled up some space on the previous samples. The blotchiness of the printing is also not my fault. When I hold the screen up to the light there really aren’t that many holes for the ink to penetrate.

Still I learnt a few things from this experiment.

  • It is only worth having a permanent screen of a design you are not going to tire of. I think I will quite quickly get bored of these leaves.
  • Use something that hasn’t been done to death – ginkgo leaves, it turns out, are a popular theme.
  • It is probably better to have just one image on the screen, if it is an identifiable object. It gives you more flexibility with the placement.

So now I just have to be patient and wait for my flour paste to dry. Then I can make my own design and will only have myself to blame if it’s nothing special.

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