Trapunto and corded quilting

Last weekend was gorgeous weather – too good to spend in the studio. I did some gardening instead and then sat out and surveyed my efforts. It seemed like a good time to do some hand sewing, so I made a start on the next activity for the C&Gs course, which was to make a sample of trapunto and corded quilting. I chose to combine both samples in one design. The inspiration for the design came from browsing through my book on textile designs. A Japanese fabric with a butterfly design caught my fancy. I also remembered a needlepoint pattern I have with a butterfly as the central motif. (I’ve actually made the cushion cover in needlepoint) So that was the basis for my sketch.

butterfly sketch

I decided to go with the left hand side for my actual sample. I used medical gauze for the backing and was able to open the weave enough to get little holes that enabled me to stuff out the shapes with little pellets of batting that are sold for stuffing toys.
I used my hemostats for getting the batting in through the holes. They came into their own again for this task. It was quite difficult to get the threads to close back over the holes though, so maybe making a small slit and then sewing it closed again is the better option. I used some thick cotton knitting yarn for my cording and that went in like a dream. For an impatient person corded quilting is definitely the method of choice for quick results 🙂

Here are a few more photos.

trapunto butterfly

rear side of work

detail of butterfly


Trapunto and corded quilting — 5 Comments

  1. Hola Ruth, una de las cosas que más me gustan de su blog es que siempre se puede aprovechar de aprender , surgen nuevas ideas y maneras de lograr ciertas tecnicas que no es posible aprender de u libro , sino más bien de la experiencia de las personas, es algo que se debe agradecer, es usted muy generosa al entregar ese tipo de informacion.
    Muchas gracias.
    Abrazos Odette

  2. Hola Odette, he aprendido mucho de los blogs de otras personas que estoy feliz de pagar por añadir mi contribución. Es muy bonito para aprender unos de otros.

  3. Hi Ruth
    Have you seen the trapunto in Quilting in the Limelight, Phillipa Naylor ?
    This is a lovely butterfly. I am wondering what exactly do you mean by corded quilting it just a very small running stitch, using cotton thread ? Thanks , Linda

  4. Hi Linda,
    for the corded quilting you first sew a channel of 2 rows of running stitches – or whatever other stitches you fancy. Then from the back using a tapestry needle or similar a yarn is threaded through the channel. You can use special quilting wool, which is like untwisted knitting wool, or any other suitable yarn. In my case I used some left over cotton yarn that was just the right thickness for the channels. If you look at the photo of the back of the piece you can see the yarn quite well in the antennae and in the outline of the wings.

  5. OH ! I see, now I have learned something new …thank – you Ruth, once you explain , it is obvious , I can see the yarn clearly now. Linda