Update on Reflections

I have been off work since Monday. The weather has been pretty foul. Lots of snow and then the temperatures rose and we had rain on freezing ground. We braved it out on Tuesday and did all the shopping for Christmas. Since then I have had time to work on my reflections quilt. I was working on the quilting design, but decided that some of it would be too insignificant if only a thin quilted line. So I decided to use some 1/4 inch strips. I sewed them on using a twin needle and because the wrong side never looks very pretty with a twin needle I sewed them onto the quilt top and the batting.

Here are some photos:

This one proves that I do own something other than my red cardigan, which seems to feature in a lot of these shots 🙂
Sewing in progress

The quilt top with its added strips. I am pleased with the results.
quilt top with strips

A closer shot of the strips.
detail of top

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