What can I say?

This is a question I have been asking myself for a few weeks now. It’s been quite some time since I posted anything, which is of course the one thing you are not supposed to do on a blog if you want a loyal readership. But since this blog is about my textile art and related topics I don’t intend boring my readers (if I still have any) with day to day chit chat.

The problem is not that I am not working. The problem is that I am working on a quilt for an entry to a juried exhibition. The rules forbid you to enter any piece of work that has been published anywhere before – including on blogs and websites. As I don’t have the time to be working on more than one project at once, this unfortunately means that I have nothing to show my blog.

I can’t say that I really understand the reasoning behind this entry condition. Textile art is so difficult to photograph so that you really appreciate the piece to the full, that even if I had seen a piece of art on someone’s website or blog I would still leap at the chance to see it in person. I can understand that organisers want to have new work in their exhibitions and not pieces that have been touted around the exhibition circuit, but having to keep the wraps on entirely is a bit frustrating. And should I get this quilt finished in time and it does get accepted into the exhibition, it will be a good few months yet until I can reveal all.

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