Wild horses seascape tea cosy

This weekend I finished my tea cosy. I kept the deadline I had set, but had to put in some overtime. My time estimates are still all shot. I am far too optimistic about how long things are going to take. My actual time spent was 50% over my estimate for the planned time. Seems to be a recurring problem. Perhaps I’ll have to think of a number and double it next time I need to send a time estimate.

It wasn’t that I hit any particular problems. It all went according to plan and turned out as well as I expected. I was surprised at how thin the batting was, although it was sold as being highly insulating. I didn’t do any machine quilting on the cosy, because I thought if the batting got too compressed it would lose its insulating properties. So I used the hand stitching to hold it to the outer layer and then sewed the seam around the edge to catch it there too. The lining was just inserted into the cosy but not attached to the batting/outer layer apart from at the bottom, where I used a straight grain binding like I use to bind my quilts. The lining is the same colour as the binding. I used a darker colour because the cosy I use at the moment has a pale cream lining that gets stained with tea from the spout.

2 layer quilting

1st side flat

2nd side flat

1st side on tea pot

2nd side on tea pot

cosy with tea pot


Wild horses seascape tea cosy — 1 Comment

  1. Que hermoso ha quedado, me encanta el diseño que has creado y los colores, muy muy bonito.
    Ademas cuando se conoce de donde ha surgido la inspiracion se valora mucho más el trabajo.
    Muchas felicidades.
    Cariños Odette