Words as design

I thought I should try and do a couple of pages in the sketchbook this weekend. It has been about a month since I did anything. I’ve not had many ideas really, being totally stressed out at the moment with work and the house in Spain project. I was clearing away a pile of emails and route plans and brochures from the in-tray, mostly related to the move to Spain and the house project, but some quilty ones too. And I thought maybe I would use the difference texts, fonts, etc to make another collage in my sketchbook. It kind of fits in nicely with the first venue of the Text on Textile exhibition having just come to an end – words as design.

The collage is inspired by some of Paul Klee‘s paintings based on a grid of coloured squares. I am drawn to those paintings and those of Ton Schulten as inspiration for quilts. Of course this collage is not about the colours but about the shapes.

The photo was taken with flash as the days as so short now that the daylight was gone before I was finished. But you get the general impression.

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